The company was established in November 1982. We started by designing and building specialty equiment for the automotive and TV industries selling hot stamping equipment and foils and replacement supplies.

With the TV industry moving off shore and eliminating the wood grain around the outside of the cabinets the hot stamping equipment needs dwindled. Our offering to provide the finishing work in place of the tools to do the finishing became more important to the injection molder. So we provided the work of hot stamping, screen printing, pad printing, spray painting on plastic and graphic materials. As our facility grew we provided lasering, die cutting, spin and hot plate welding to our list of services to the injection molder.

With the TV industry requiring more space, we acquired the 55,000 square foot building we are in today with constant renovating and equipping with automated machinery. Currently the robotic coatings the lasering and the off-set printing give the molders/extruders/vacuum formers/blow molders the widest of ranges for them to offer to their clients without any capital investment and protected bottom profit line. This keeps them afloat in this global competitive market.