And it starts…

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I contemplated even creating this site. I thought about doing this about a year ago. But what crossed my mind at that time was, "Who in the world would read this? Let alone know it exists?!"Now that I think back on that thought, I couldn't be more correct. However, it wasn't until I read someone else's blog that I came to this conclusion: WHO CARES. This is MY site, and whoever won't read it, you're missing out! Anyway, I am feeling good about this. This site will contain a few things. But it will mainly be a site that contains my thoughts on life itself, and all the amazing and destructive things it brings. Whoever reads this is free to comment and disagree or agree. I would love to hear people's opinions and thoughts on these things. It is now time for me to go to bed. I am tired, and need sleep….

By the way, it is Martin Luther King Day. What a great day to reminisce about a true "king".


"If every man became a King, we could do more than just dream."

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