Coffee, old bricks, and imagination

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There’s not many intriguing places in Evansville, Indiana, but after searching for quite some time, I stumbled upon one. PennyLane Coffeehouse. It looks like it was built during the Civil War. It is unbelievably old and honestly, if I didn’t know any better, I would think it could fall down any second. When you walk in, the tables have tons of old magazine pictures “glued” (lack of better word) on them. After sitting at the coffeehouse for a little bit, I walk into the restroom, and see a picture hanging on the wall. I found it extremely interesting. IMG_4831

I don’t know the true idea behind this picture, but immediately I thought about a woman who has a one night stand with a man. I created a whole story about it:

This girl is in her early twenties, desperate for love and affection. After meeting this young guy at a rooftop party, they end the night in her bed, the way most of her nights with a man ends. Waking up, they get ready together, and then the man leaves, just like most of the men she meets. Yet again, this girl was hoping this man would be the one to sweep her off her feet. And yet again, she was wrong. She wonders why she keeps making the same mistake, but doesn’t know what else to do. So she goes to the local coffee shop, works the entire day, and goes home, ready to go to a party with her friends, ending the night the same way she did last night.

I know what you’re thinking. Don’t worry, I thought the same thing. The problem is, I am only 18, so I can’t be a published author yet. On a serious note, I question this girl’s past. I would love to know how she got to the point of searching for love in the wrong places, and why she repeats this every night, knowing the result isn’t what she is looking for. She is an intoxicating young woman. Very beautiful. When she is in the room, all eyes are on her. She commands the room. I believe, and I very well could be wrong, that it all starts with her father. Her father is the very first man in her life. Her father needs to show her the love she deserves. Hugs, compliments, advice. Constant love for his daughter. If she does not receive this from her father, she will be looking for that in other things, typically men. I hurt for this girl. Like stated before, she is beautiful. But she gives herself away. Every one night stand she has, she is giving a piece of herself away.

I honestly do not know my purpose in writing this post, because I don’t have a solution to this issue. I realize the story above was made up. But I also know firsthand that there are girls out there that live like this. I don’t know what I or anyone can do to help it. But heed the warning: Searching for fulfillment in things other than God will lead you nowhere. Take it from someone who has tried. Sex is not love. Someone is not love. I constantly think SOMEONE will make me satisfied. That is so far from the truth. And again, I only know that because I have tried.


Searching for love is a challenge. Maybe the solution is to not search for it. Let it happen naturally. I don’t know. But I do know that searching for it in physical affection will lead you nowhere. It will only break you even more.


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